Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simple Purple Party

I have no plans of having a party for my 38th birthday, but my husband insisted. He knows me better than anyone; John knows that I like entertaining people, especially family and friends.

I had three days to prepare this simple party. As always, I started with the venue. My closest friends wanted to have it in my place, but I realized I want to invite more to come celebrate with me, so I called The Legend Villas, which I consider my second home.

(A beautiful flower from Jes Lising)

What I did for this super rush party: TIPS THAT YOU MAY FOLLOW

1. Since the room I booked is not as big from the usual room my family and I stay on, I grouped the invites:

a. 11am-1pm - My family
b. 2pm -4pm - Family Friends
c. 4pm -6pm - Mommy Blogger Friends
d. 6pm-8pm - High School Friends
e. 8pm-10pm- In-laws, new found friends

2. I emailed each group, with the venue, time and date. I also put the party motif, and I even asked some of them to bring food.

3. If you think your friends are nice enough, do not be afraid to ask them what gift you expect. But remember, not everyone welcomes this idea. I have this belief, from the Bible, ask and you shall receive. Most of what I asked were granted, and more...

4. I jot down the food I will prepare

5. Did the grocery. If you planned for a color motif party, be sure to throw in stuff that will put emphasis on the motif, just like this:

(take home treats/giveaways)

(drinks and cake)

(paper plates and facial tissue)

I love Legend Villas so much, they even sent me a birthday gift, banana cake!

Most of my guests wore purple, you may view photos here.


  1. oh nice of them!!! lurv lurve the purple party!! :D

  2. Thanks Jes!!!paki follow please...

  3. Too bad I did not make it. Love your tips, very useful. I like the idea of grouping the visitors. ;)

  4. oeh, a lot of purple.
    Love it.
    Xx Liefs

  5. love the idea of grouping the visitors.. that has always been my prob, hating-hati ang katawan ko sa pg e-entertain sa kanila! :p

  6. wow, I must get some tips on how to throw a party! you seem very organised!

  7. now i have a website to look forward to when I need party ideas. followed you girl!

  8. how nice, purple party!
    I agree with allotting a time per group. I do that all the time since our place is quite small for big groups :0

  9. nice,simple and organize love it!

  10. Wow! Thank you so much for the tips!
    I wonder if the schedule really goes as planned? Or are there really people who stays longer than the scheduled time? :-) Mind really gets me curious, haha.

    Thanks again and really lovely party.
    See you again next week!

  11. just shows how good you are as a party organizer! and i love the purple motif! parang debut lang ah :D

  12. Such a great party theme! Very nice. =)

    New visitor of your blog. Please visit mine and become a follower as well. =)